About Us


Sahodaya School Complexes are voluntary associations of CBSE affiliated schools within an area which have agreed to come together for systematic renewal of the total educational process.
The major areas for collaboration among schools of the complex are:
  • Human resource mobilization
  • Professional growth of teachers
  • Promoting value-oriented school climate
  • Assessment and evaluation
  • Effective educational management
  • Promoting vocational education
The CBSE has helped school to come together and form into interactive forums for sharing of ideas, resources and knowledge. Sahodaya is an important link between CBSE and its affiliated schools. Hazaribag Sahodaya School Complex came into being on 26.09.2014 with ten school joining the Complex.

Aims & Objectives

  • To act as liaison between CBSE and the Member Schools in implementation of its policies, projects, strategies, etc.
  • To enable sharing of experiences and facilities.
  • To promote interschool collaboration.
  • To encourage professionalism among teachers and educational innovation among institutions.
  • To promote academic collaboration through teacher exchanges, common science fairs, joint seminars, preparing question banks and conducting common examinations among Member Schools.
  • To provide a forum for active participation among the Member Schools in professional development activities.
  • To provide a forum for active participation in the fields of sports and cultural activities.
  • Any other activity that enhances the academic and co-curricular growth of Member Schools.